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The question “What do you want?” must be answered. You are answering it every minute and every second. And each moment of decision is a judgement that is anything but ineffectual. Its effects will follow automatically until the decision is changed.

This quote actually comes from A Course In Miracles, but Robert Holden uses it on page 147 in “Be Happy”.

When we “want” only material pleasures, then the result is we will only receive shallow and temporary pleasure. Once the newness and novelty of the new computer game or new blouse wears off, then we will be no better off than we were before.

This cycle will continue forever until we make the important decision to change our decisions about what we want. We must decide that we don’t want to drink too much alcohol, or that we don’t want to eat that third piece of pie. Changing our decisions will automatically change the results.

Now, this quote never says it will be easy, but once it’s done then the effects will also change.


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