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One of the most important lessons to learn about relationships is that it is not another person’s job to make you happy.

This Robert Holden quote comes from page 181 of his book, “Be Happy”.

We all want to be happy, but sometimes we put too much responsibility on our friends and loved ones to make us happy. On Monday mornings when I ask my students how their weekends were, I occasionally get the answer “It was boring”. I believe they say this because they did nothing special. Often they will say, “There is nothing to do”, but in reality it is closer to the truth to say, “There were plenty of things to do, but they didn’t do anything”.

We shouldn’t sit around waiting for party invitations to come, or interesting people to call us, or good-looking people to fall in love with us. We should take responsibility for our own happiness, get out in the world, follow our curiosity and interests, and make our own great lives happen.


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