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Notice the complaint, and be the solution.

This Robert Holden quote from page 200 of “Be Happy” tells people to do something about complaints.

Complaining seems to be our default setting sometimes. It is hard to hear conversations that are free of complaints. We complain about work, school, friends, marriage, children, the government, ourselves, and on and on. What good does it do us?

The above quote wants us to try a different approach. Unpleasant feelings are useful messages to let us know that something is wrong. If we can no longer ignore or deal with the complaint, then it is time to take action.

Do not just gripe about it to whoever will listen. Actually, analyze the problem and try to come up with some actionable steps which can lead to a solution.

If complaining makes you feel good by letting off steam, just imagine how good you will feel if you solve the problem completely.

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